Kalmar Eco reachstacker

Kalmar’s Eco Reachstacker with fuel saving guarantee

Kalmar’s eco-efficient Reachstacker guarantees to substantially cut costs, fuel consumption and emissions without compromising on productivity. Get a personalised calculation based on your operational cycles and learn how much you can save on fuel and reduce global emissions.

  1. Select your average drive cycle. If you don’t know the exact values, simply use the average operational values highlighted in red.
  2. Choose the cost of diesel.
  3. Get the results!

Please complete your details and get instant result calculation on the expected fuel consumption fuel and emission savings.

Fuel Saving Guarantee Calculator

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Cabooter Group has cut fuel consumption by nearly half

The Cabooter Group uses four Kalmar Eco Reachstackers at its multimodal hubs in Venlo in southeastern Netherlands and Kaldenkirchen, situated just across the border in Germany. These terminals currently handle 24 trains a week, and the company plans to double that capacity over the next year.

“We use a considerable volume of fuel every year, and every percent in reducing consumption adds up to a considerable amount” explains Jeroen Cabooter, Head of Sales and Marketing. “This is a significant competitive advantage in terms of the total cost of ownership,” says Cabooter.