Reap the hybrid benefits

As the drive to improve environmental performance at container terminals continues to gather pace, operators are faced with several choices when it comes to expanding or renewing their rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane fleets in order to achieve sustainability gains. Hybrid technologies are a particularly flexible and attractive alternative to fully electric drivelines at terminals where the existing infrastructure may not support a cable-reel or bus bar setup. 

The Kalmar Hybrid RTG combines the Li-ion battery and diesel power-unit technology to deliver you a machine that makes no compromises on performance or sustainability. The RTGs come with the latest lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology, which has a very high energy-storage capacity. The battery is combined with a smaller diesel power unit, which is not only highly fuel-efficient – consuming up to 60% less fuel than a conventionally powered RTG – but also quieter and easier to maintain

The running hours of the power unit are significantly reduced because it is not used for any crane functions, but only for charging the Li-ion battery. Fewer engine running hours means less fuel consumed and less component wear in your operations. And with the battery doing all the work – powering the lifting and driving operations – noise emissions are also significantly smaller.

Lower your emissions, fuel consumption and maintenance costs with the flexible Kalmar Hybrid RTG that consumes up to 60% less fuel than a conventionally powered RTG.

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