Get ready to sprint ahead with terminal design!

Terminal Design Sprint in brief

Deploying automation and eco-efficient technologies can bring significant benefits and competitive advantage to your operations. The upsides are obvious, but knowing which steps you need to take with your development plans isn’t necessarily clear. We want to share our expertise and make your terminal development planning process light and cost-effective. 

What you get?
Kalmar now offers customers the possibility to carry out a terminal design project as a cost-effective Terminal Design Sprint - A 10 day tailored feasibility study which examines the options of electrification and automation deployment for your terminal. As a result you will receive revised layout drawings of optional technologies and a study report in presentation format. The study creates a solid foundation for the next development steps such as business case validation, 3D visualization and full scale terminal simulation.

Why sprint with us?
The benefits of upgrading to automated and eco-efficient technologies are compelling, but the lengthy and costly consulting exercises for creating the development plans aren't always possible. With our help, you can carry out a quick feasibility study tailored to you in just 10 working days. We will help you investigate your options, evaluate alternative plans and create clarity for your terminal’s development plans. Now is the time to be agile and build the foundation for your terminal’s future.

How we do this?
The sprint will follow a formal process with carefully planned daily activities, well-thought templates and joint review sessions that will help us deliver the best value for you in just 10 days. All communication will happen via customers preferred online meeting tools and by sharing documents. 

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