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Guaranteed to cut costs.

Kalmar Eco Reachstacker.

In comparison to older machines, our eco-efficient solution can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 40%, and by up to 25% compared to more recent machines, cutting your fuel costs and emissions while matching the productivity levels of machines with much larger engines.

Fuel Saving Guarantee.
Knowing exactly what your fuel costs are going to be each month gives you a greater level of financial predictability, which is why Kalmar is offering a Fuel Saving Guarantee with each of its Eco Reachstackers. With an agreed and fixed level of fuel consumption, based on a set of agreed metrics on your cargo handling drive cycle, you’ll have complete control over your fuel costs. Our Fuel Saving Guarantee also includes driver training, and your machine will be connected to Kalmar Insight, a versatile fleet performance management tool for cargo handling operations.

Eco Reachstackers can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.

Reference cases

Logistics provider Cabooter Group plans to double the number of trains it handles over the next 12 months due to a boost in productivity and efficiency resulting from its partnership with Kalmar

The Cabooter Group uses four Kalmar Eco Reachstackers at its multimodal hubs in Venlo in southeastern Netherlands and Kaldenkirchen, situated just across the border in Germany. These terminals currently handle 24 trains a week, and the company plans to double that capacity over the next year.

“When we bought our first Eco Reachstacker, it was the latest step in a series of innovation initiatives to reduce our fuel consumption and emissions, as well as reduce noise levels at the terminals,” explains Jeroen Cabooter, Head of Sales and Marketing.



Broekman Logistics on the move

Kalmar’s eco efficient reachstackers are helping supply chain provider Broekman Logistics increase efficiency and reduce costs as well as supporting its medium and long term business objectives.

The company needed a solution that would reduce its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without compromising on productivity, which is vital in ensuring that it continues to deliver the high level of service demanded by its customers.


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